Alexander Graham Bell said it best, "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

This is abundantly true in Real Estate Photography. The preparations we make and have made:

  • Ensure that we use the best equipment

  • Legally protect agents and listers

  • Simplify scheduling

  • Improve safety

  • Enhance quality

  • Save time

  • Reduce errors

  • Increase professionalism

  • Enable fast turn times

The Details: Preparations & Equipment

  • Dedicated Professional in house Multimedia Editor and Admin

  • Simple online booking that only offers available time slots

  • Fully Insured

  • FAA Licensed for Drone Operation

  • 1,000's of hours honing skills, researching equipment, software and improving processes

  • Nikon Camera w/two fully charged batteries

  • Camera shutter remotes w/extra batteries

  • Sigma 10-20mm Lens (Ideal for Real Estate)

  • DJI Drone w/three fully changed batteries

  • DJI Drone controller w/Fully charged internal battery

  • DJI Gimbal w/fully charged internal battery

  • Matterport 3D Camera w/fully charged internal battery

  • iPad w/fully charged internal battery and 5G service to ensure quick 3D tour processing

  • iPad holder to improve speed and quality

  • Two tripods to improve speed and quality

  • Power bank with adaptors for charging between shoots if needed

  • Extra memory cards

  • Extra drone blades

  • Wipes for cleaning equipment/hands

  • Lens wipes

  • Touchscreen gloves for cold outdoor camera operation

  • Waterproof boots and gators for deep snow

  • Masks and hand sanitizer for Covid

  • Slippers for interior work only

  • Band Aids and alcohol wipes

  • OnX Mapping software to estimate property lines










Virtual House Media LLC



Phone: 608-571-3344 FAA Licensed Drone Pilot / Supra access with CBS Number / Insured

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