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7 Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate in 2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Virtual tours are the new face of real estate marketing. Realtors and property sellers can make use of this new technology to showcase properties to prospective buyers in an immersive way. 3D Tours or Virtual Tours have had tremendous growth in popularity.

Not all virtual tours are the same. Many of our competitors use cheap 360 cameras or even cell phones that produce a choppy experience with dark images and inaccurate measurement data. The cameras/systems we use are specifically designed for virtual tours. They have lasers to take precise measurements and they blend data from nine camera lenses to ensure superior exposure and clarity.

1. Expanded Buyer Pool = Higher Sales Price

With current health concerns many buyers are reluctant to go to a showing. Virtual tours allow these buyers an additional resource to confirm interest. Additionally, some of the most motivated buyers are long distance relocation buyers. Virtual tours generate higher engagement and give buyers near and far an easy way to tour the property and the additional confidence to setup a showing or make a buying from a distance. More buyer’s equal higher competition and higher competition leads to higher price. Virtual Tours have shown to increase sale price by 4-9%

2. Time & Cost Effective

Virtual Tours create an additional screening layer in your favor. Professionally created virtual tours ensure the property will be seen in a favorable light. This helps increase the confidence and urgency of motivated and qualified buyers. At the same time, it reduces your time and effort catering to the less motivated buyers.

3. Virtual Tours are like a 24/7 Open House

This is truly beneficial for Realtors, sellers and buyers. The house is always ready! The beds are always made, everything is clean and put away and no one has to make special plans to get things ready. Buyers can tour the property at their convenience through a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

4. Improve Your Brand

Virtual tours are a differentiator. Most sellers likely know several Realtors. This is a way to stand above the crowd. Post your virtual tours on social media to get more exposure to your listings and shine a positive light on your marketing. Your sphere will remember and reward you. 74% of agents using Matterport win more listings.

5. Decreased Time on Market

It has been reported that property listing with Virtual Tour technology received 40% more engagement and decreased time on market by up to 31%. So, including a virtual tour with your marketing plan could bring more traffic to your listing, your brand and reduce the time on market.

6. Floor Plans

When we create a virtual tour with our specialized camera, it uses lasers to take precise measurements. We use these measurements to create a super precise schematic floor plan. Our floor plans are neatly done and easy to load onto MLS as a photo. They include labeled rooms, measurements, windows, walls, closets, fixtures and door operation. At Virtual House Media we believe that floor plans are so important that we include them with every virtual tour. We also provide them on the next business day so that you don’t have to worry about measuring each room of your listing.

7. Buyers are Sellers and Sellers are Buyers

Real estate is cyclical. The buyers impressed with your virtual tour today, may become your sellers tomorrow.

Get in touch with Virtual House Media for creating professional 3D Tours, Virtual Staging, Videography and Photography Services in Madison and surrounding areas.

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