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Video VS Virtual Tours & 3 Benefits of Each

What is the difference between a Video Tour and a Virtual Tour? Both are amazing tools for Realtors! Technically both tour types are "virtual tours of real estate" and it could also be argued that photos are another version of a virtual tour. Either way this blog will focus on Video VS Virtual.

Here is how we define them:

Video Tours - A video camera is used to make a video of the property. The video is typically activated with a single button push, link click or page reveal to start the tour. They are choreographed and movement throughout the property is dictated by the videographer and editor.

The videos we create typically start with an exterior drone shot showing the neighborhood and then zooming into the front door. From there we complete a walk through tour. We focus on providing the viewer with the layout of the property while taking extra time to focus on the selling points of the particular home. Our videos are typically between 2-3 minutes long and are set to music.

Sample Video Tour

Virtual Tours - Are created with a special virtual camera. The camera we use is the best in the industry. It features 9 camera lenses and several lasers for measuring. When creating a virtual tour, we set the camera up at various points within the home. At each scan point the camera spins in a 360 on its tripod taking photos and measurements. For a 3,000 SF home we spend about an hour to create 100+/- scans. Those scans are stitched together and a virtual tour is created.

The virtual tours we create allow the user to navigate the home by using a mouse, touchscreen or the keys on a computer. At each scan point the user has the ability to look in any direction. The branded Matterport virtual tour equipment and software that we use allows us to provide a dollhouse view, overhead view and create floor plans. We think that floor plans are so important that we include them with every virtual tour. The floor plans include measurements and easily load onto MLS as a photo. They are a fantastic selling tool and they eliminate your need to measure.

Sample Virtual Tour

Sample Floor Plans (Included with the Virtual Tour)

Benefits to Video Tours 1. Videos are easy to watch and tremendously powerful when set to music 2. Videos showcase both interior and exterior in a single click 3. Videos focus on the selling features Benefits for Virtual Tours 1. Virtual Tours are great for remote buyers that might not have a chance to tour the property in person 2. Virtual Tours allow the user to navigate the home as if they were there 3. Virtual Tours give us the ability to create accurate floor plans. Benefits to Both 1. Increased visibility on Zillow (listings with videos and virtual tours are given a level of preference over those without.) 2. Virtual Tours and Video Tours are awesome for social media 3. They both are built to impress. Impress your sphere, your listers' sphere, buyers, neighbors and colleagues. I started Virtual House Media to help Exceptional Realtors stand out from the crowd. Our most popular package includes both virtual and video tours. We currently serve Madison, Middleton, Cross Plains, Oregon, Waunakee, Sun Prairie, Monona, Verona, Fitchburg, Black Earth, Maple Bluff, Sauk, Mt Horeb and are willing to go the extra mile for outlying communities. Virtual House Media LLC Website: Email: Phone: 608-571-3344

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